Composity Stair

Stairlab Inc. is the American branch of Rintal, the Italian company leader in the business of interior and exterior
stair designs throughout the world. We provide turnkey service from concept to the completion stage of a design
project, to achieve the finest solutions for our clients. Our vision is to maintain the highest level of quality, design
and innovation to make your stair a real piece of contemporary furniture.


Design Concept

Composity fully represents the concept of smart design applied
to interior stairs. The union of a modern and minimalist design
(typical for the steel stairs) with the advantages and practical sense
of modular and adjustable stairs makes the project revolutionary.

Clean and essential lines and advanced technical solutions allow
us to create a wide range of applications and make Composity
the ideal stair for individual customers.


Interactive Stair Configurator Tool

Thanks to the exclusive Composity stair planner, you have the
chance to design and configure your own stairs. Simply insert
your measurements and design your stair, and print out the final
layout to see the highly effective preview of your stair.



4 Components, Unlimited Configurations

The structure consist of 4 basic components which make it
possible to create unlimited configurations.



Adjustable Rise and Run

The riser can be adjusted from 17.5 to 22 cm [A] to adapt
the total height to different architectural requirements,
even during installation.

The run can be chosen from 2 available sizes (23 to 25 cm [P])
in order to adjust the dimension on the floor according to
varying space requirements.



Universal Platform

The unique structure, adjustable on both sides, allows
adjustment of dimensions to architectural requirements,
and thus also create a space saving platform. In fact, the
special contoured shape of the winding steps allows gaining
available space without compromising comfort and safety.






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