MisterStep, the American branch of Rintal, the leading Italian staircase company in the design of interior and exterior stairs throughout the world, is known for quality and innovation, continuously creating new solutions which make stairs become a real piece of contemporary design. Our concentrated efforts on design research and innovation in materials and styles allows us to better interpret the contemporary architectural trends and turn them into new stylistic solutions. 

Wood is one of the key materials used to manufacture MisterStep products. For this reason we have always sought to respect this fundamental natural resource, working with certified production processes which begins with the source of the material. This system guarantees continuous controls, from the procurement phase of the wood to its finishing treatment, during which only non-toxic water-based paints are used, with the utmost respect for the environment and people.

All the steel components are treated with epoxy paints with the following features: high resistance to drastic changes in temperature and weathering, color uniformity and durability. All StairLab products are subjected to structural assessment and developed with quality standard compliance.


Open Staircases


The open staircase connects the main parts of the house with style and character, becoming a
real protagonist of the interior environment. Classical or modern, Stairlab open stairs are high performance and meet any desire in terms of functionality and design. The combinations are
endless, using straight steps, platforms or winders. The models, details, colors and accessories
are infinite: shapes that change depending on your tastes and desires.


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Spiral Stairs


Supported by a central structure, MisterStep spiral stairs are ideal for connecting both the main parts of the house and the secondary ones. Produced with circular or square base and available in different diameters, MisterStep spiral stairs are the only staircases to be customized with different accessories, so as to create solutions which combine style and functionality creating an exclusive design.


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Space Saver Stairs


Creating space where there is none: this is the philosophy behind these new simple stair structures. Every single element has been designed to make the most of every space, taking you higher even under extreme and prohibitive conditions for a spiral staircase. A minimalist look for easy use, maximum functionality and freedom of movement.


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Outdoor Stairs


Outdoor staircases are perfect for any patio remodeling project or to simply add style and a modern touch to your home. Our innovative construction systems make the installation quick and easy. Thanks to our many years of continuous improvement we have developed an extremely strong, weather resistant galvanized steel solution sure to meet even the most strict demands.


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