Since 1980, Shelter Products LLC and its sister company, SP Partners LLC, has created market programs and opportunities
in North America for its customers with a variety of unique products that offer high quality, innovation, and price advantage.

Acrylic Glass Inserts

Decorative garage door window inserts in three design
categories, masterfully reproduced in our durable acrylic composite.


Decorative Windows

The Artisan line combines unique designs, handcrafted artistry
and the latest in acrylic glazing technologies to create durable and
affordable decorative windows that will enhance any home.


Composity Stair

The Composity Stair is a unique, modular approach to esthetically
pleasing European stair design, while being fully compliant
with national and local building codes.


MisterStep, is known for quality and innovation in the design
of interior and exterior stairs throughout the world, and is
continuously creating new solutions which make stairs
become a real piece of contemporary design


 Introduced in 2000 to the U.S. and Canadian markets by
SP Partners LLC, the Rainbow Attic Stair
has and continues to
offer the most diverse line of ladders for attic and other space access.

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